For fixed media in stereo consisting of field recording, brainwave data (EEG) with performance art.



Composed by Jaeyoung Park (Elsa Park)

Performed by Minchang Han



ICMA 2018 Regional Award Winner Asia-OCEANIC




International Computer Music Conference

10.8.2018 ICMC 2018 in Daegu, South Korea

Daegu Concert House, Chamber Hall






Composer’s Note


Starting from my experience of depression, the mental pains accompanied with emptiness, loss of pleasure, loneliness, and apprehension, often raised me questions of how vulnerable people are and how they are responding to the daily environment. Also, the question of how different individuals interact with and share each other’s various painful episodes. In fact, those low emotions are often regarded as hindrance or weakness because it may interfere with general health, and lead to mood disorders. However, it is also a normal reaction to life events that people commonly experience inner unrest throughout lives by a variety of reasons. Yet, those are something people are rather willing to let it passed or hidden. Considering that, I thought it may be interesting to capture the emotion, not as a human language but as a sound, to explore depressed moods caused by the accumulated stress in everyday lives. Also, acknowledging that there are empathic connections and gaps between different individuals as to their vulnerabilities, I view the various perception by people as to those fragile and low states as one of the important processes of collaging a variety of lives. Hence, as a composer, I wanted to delineate that mental vulnerability through musical language to manifest the diverse aspects of depressed moods as well as itself.





ICMA 2018 Regional Award Winner Asia


“...because it adopts a structured process to reflect the composer’s perspective as an observer, mixing synthesized and recorded sounds.”


The committee consisted of


Dr Choi Insook

Dr Cort Lippe

Dr Miriam Akkermann (ICMA Board)

Mr Patrick Gunawan Hartono (Audience Award 2017)

Dr Taehi Kim (ICMC Music Chair)

Dr PerMagnus Lindborg (Committee Chair, ICMA Music Coordinator)




Very special thanks to my family, Minchang Han, Scott Wilson, Yeji Kim and all people who sincerely support me.






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