-10.2017. (MA) University of Birmingham - Mixed Composition Pathway (일렉트로어쿠스틱 음악)

-06.2016. (BA) Seoul Jazz Academy - Electronic music Composition (전자음악)

-02.2016.(AA) Seoul Institute of the Arts - Contemporary Jazz Piano (재즈피아노)

-2012. (Diploma) Seoul Jazz Academy - Jazz Piano (재즈피아노)


-2019. Sambong Media - [Production / Arranger] 

-06.2019. Joined ICMA Music Awards Committee 2019 for

ICMC -NYCEMF 2019 (International Computer Music Conference - New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival) 

-12.2018. 'Dysthymia' curated by Professor Permagnus Lindborg at Seoul National University, Seoul- Diffusion 'Dysthymia' 


-09.2018. 'SICMF' (Seoul International Computer Music Festival), Seoul Arts Center- Diffusion 'Dysthymia' [Performance] 


-09.2018. 'Sleepers In Venice' Documentary film Soundtrack releasing,

Elsa & Han [Music Composition] 


-08.2018. ICMA 2018 Regional Awards Winner Asia-Oceanic for her piece 'Dysthymia' at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Daegu, South Korea, in 2018. [Award]


-08.2018. 'ICMC' (International Computer Music Conference), Daegu Concert House - Diffusion 'Dysthymia' [Performance]


-07.2018. 'Desert- Elsa Park, 2018 Mixtape by Not Art Records', Brooklyn, New York [Music Composition]


-06.2018. 'Resonance Extra- Urban Arts Berlin, Female Identified Producers' Streamed , UK [Broadcasting]


-06.2018. 'A Journey to the Scent - Celine' exhibited at The Laundry Building , London. [Music Composition] 


-05.2018. 'A Journey to the Scent - Celine' 

[Music Composition] 


-04.2018. 'That's Why - Youna Kim' Live Video on Youtube

[Piano Arrangement/Performance]


-03.2018. 'That's Why- Youna Kim' Single Album

[Piano Performance]


-02.2018. 'Desolation- Elsa Park’, 'Dysthymia - Elsa Park’ Female Identified Producers Album by Urban Arts Berlin, Berlin [Composition]


-09.2017.  ‘Dysthymia’ at BEAST DOME [Performance], Birmingham


-07.2017. Birmingham Solihull and Sandwell Jazz Festival [Marketing & PR Volunteer], Birmingham


-07.2015-07.2013. Music K Academy [Piano Instructor], Seoul


-12.2014. 'To Santa Claus -Ravit' Single Album

[Keyboard Arrangement/Performance]


-10.2014. 'Reminisce-Vic.q (Piano ver.) (Feat.Elsa)' Single Album [Piano Arrangement/Performance]


-11.2013. Macquarie University K-Pop Project [Composition/Arrangement], Sydney


-12-09.2013. Macquarie Faculty of arts

[Composer and Piano Accompanist - Intern], Sydney


-07.2012. Theatre 'The Cherry Orchard'

[Keyboard Arrangement/Performance], Ansan


-05.2012. 'First Step-Boryung Kim' Concert

[Piano Performance], Seoul


-01.2012. Musical Theatre 'How to Suicide - Your Day' [Composition/Arrangement], Seoul


-2019. 삼봉미디어 [기획 / 편곡] 

-06.2019. ICMA 뮤직어워즈위원회 심사위원 참여 

 2019 for ICMC -NYCEMF 2019

(국제컴퓨터음악컨퍼런스-뉴욕시티 일렉트로어쿠스틱뮤직 페스티벌)

-12.2018. 'Dysthymia' 공연.소개 by Permagnus Lindborg 교수,

서울대학교 - Diffusion 'Dysthymia' 


-09.2018. 'SICMF' (서울국제컴퓨터음악페스티벌), 예술의전당- Diffusion 'Dysthymia', 공연


-09.2018. 'Sleepers In Venice' 다큐멘터리 영화 OST 참여, 

'Elsa & Han', 작편곡


-08.2018. 국제컴퓨터음악협회 2018 음악/아시아-오세아니아 부분

우승 -  'Dysthymia' at 'ICMC' (국제컴퓨터음악컨퍼런스), 대구, 수상 


-08.2018. 'ICMC' (국제컴퓨터음악컨퍼런스), 대구콘서트하우스

Diffusion 'Dysthymia', 공연 


-07.2018. 2018 Mixtape by Not Art Records,

브루클린, 뉴욕: 'Desert'- Elsa Park, 작곡 


-06.2018. 'Resonance Extra- Urban Arts Berlin,

Female Identified Producers' 라디오 방송, 영국전역  


-06.2018.  'A Journey to the Scent - Celine' 전시

The Laundry Building, 런던  -음악 작곡


-05.2018. 'A Journey to the Scent - Celine' 음악  



-04.2018. '그래서 그래 - 김유나' 유투브 라이브 동영상

- 피아노 편곡/연주


-03.2018. '그래서 그래 -김유나' 싱글앨범 - 피아노 세션


-02.2018. Female Identified Producers Album

by Urban Arts Berlin, 베를린:

'Desolation' - Elsa Park, 'Dysthymia' - Elsa Park    


-09.2017. 'BEASTdome: ‘Dysthymia’, 버밍험

-'Dysthymia' 공연 


-07.2017. Birmingham Solihull and Sandwell Jazz Festival, 버밍험

-마케팅/홍보 봉사


-07.2015-07.2013. Music K Academy, 서울 

-피아노 강사 


-12.2014. '산타할아버지께-Ravit' 싱글앨범 

- 키보드 솔로 편곡/연주


-10.2014. 'Reminiscence-VicQ (feat.Elsa)' 싱글앨범

- 피아노 편곡/연주


-11.2013. Macquarie University K-Pop Project,시드니



-12-09.2013. Macquarie Faculty of arts, 인턴쉽, 시드니

-작곡가, 피아노 반주자 


-07.2012. 연극 '벚꽃동산' 음악

- 키보드 편곡/연주 


-05.2012. 'First step - 김보령' 콘서트 - 피아노 세션 


-01.2012. 대학로뮤지컬 '너의 하루' 중 '자살하는 방법' 작/편곡

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