Lyrics ­


The long days I wished for from the distance.

Silence is within me, everything is moved away

while nothing can surround me. 

Alone. I wonder if I can reach the end

as I walk through shades of pitch.

Do not fear, I'll be there, enclosed in darkness where only I exist.

Escaping, even the despair that seemed to last forever

has now began to fade.

It's hard to believe.

How I reach your world, is through my own.

 : Ever :






  Contrasting worlds always exist amongst the cosmos and each creation is compromised of having relationships such as people with love, environment with the universe, and karma with action. For example, when two worlds meet in distress, they indwell in the hope of accepting themselves to take further steps into becoming harmonised with the aspiration to overcome chaos. In particular, the idea influenced by Buddhism which states that all being is combined into ‘one’ by the circulation of chaos and cosmos; thus, the song ‘Ever’ is a story that tells of two different worlds consequently going towards the 'one' and creating a sublime beauty on the basis of balance by embracing each other. You might notice from the last phrase in 'Ever's lyrics, ‘My way to your world is also going to my world’ shows the destination of the two worlds is heading to integration.





  I have created ‘Ever’ as a composer, arranger and director. The song indulges in more mystical and fantasy focused sound of the universe. In order to describe this atmosphere in a unique solitude, I included these instruments; Firstly, the ‘pad’ is intended to show loneliness within emptiness by patterns. Secondly, the ‘kick’ is used to express the image of a planet dropping from its position. In addition, 'electronic elements' were used to maintain the placid attitude with colorful rhythms and a more diverse pace. Mainly, the piano is also used with a reverb effect to evoke the mystical atmosphere, making moderate lines while using the diatonic and pentatonic scale. Thus; the combination of all instruments are blended with a calming interval to create the sound in composure in a intense dynamic.

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