: Grace W :






 The song ‘Grace  W’ is composed of a story which 

‘sorrow’ ‘indifference’ ‘joy’­ ‘incongruity’  ‘balance’ over time circulate within space.

 I have created this song influenced by the idea of minimalism which is the key concept of the song that has sequence and repetition of the instruments so to tell each stories clearly with the power of imagination. Each patterns point of meeting from different zones generates a dramatic intensity as the flow continues. Generally, it is restraint in mystical atmosphere with the ultimate desire of integration by embracing themselves from disorder. Therefore, the song occurs with the energy of accepting the way they are rather than staying in chaos. It has the beauty of strength in moderation and grace when overcoming the distress due to this energy actively transferring from one another. While the atmosphere is consistently being built up, the sequences maintain the form which implies the circulating system in chaos and cosmos to be actively going forward and twards the next step, transcending its limitation.




  The song “Grace W” intended to show the beauty of circulation when between chaos and cosmos resolving and transcending together in situations such as the phenomena of war and peace, and people in love. In order to describe this value, I put the sequence generally on the music. During the first half, there appears a dim atmosphere with reversed piano describing its turn to black as the melody goes along. Then the string staccato is brought to life to show the bright side of this pitch sequence. Amidst the creation, there is a turning point which reveals heavy shambles in the shape of the wobble bass and chaotic arpeggio synth. In the section that follows, the previous disorder has aspiration to turn back so it has a complexed but organised structure by combining all sections in order. Ultimately, the outro involves the message that the stories will rotate and come back again.


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