: The Metamorphosis_Improvisation :




This song is about the improvisation inspired by the the literature of ‘The Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka. His work has awakened me to contemplate existentialism and the reason of the presence of balance and disorder in the world.

This piece has shown me aspects of emptiness by exposing my mind to subjects of ugliness we have come across throughout times.

In the work, Franz describes it as a monstrous creature as it tells human beings might not be different from the insect.

Thus, I reconstituted ‘The Metamorphosis’ as an improvisational piece to embody the feeling of fear, terror and eccentricness beginning with the motif used in the augmented interval to chromatic sound, which represents or arouses apprehension based on the idea.

Generally, the sound is uneasy and the chord progression takes a raging form, but consequently it turns back to a calm state which the sequences peculiarly point out the idea we have ignored, avoided, or disregarded as if is casting the words of  what is the time to recognise the reality of reason.

In this piece of work, I would like to say we ourselves are both disorder and balance from chaos, This precious energy that has to consider what world we will make hereafter.

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