: The Room :




'The Room' is the piece that describes the movement of the feeling of gloom and anxiety in the set of the rooms coloured with insecurity.

It is started with the simple idea that there may be a number of different rooms in mind and they may form structures and make actions and particularly, in this song, I set the particular circumstance of rooms where the feeling of apprehension is going around and progressed. Also, the insecurity I place in this song is situated between not being excessively depressed nor excited, in other words, it is to show gray zone and equivocal state of mind itself with the idea that low and ambiguous attitude is also a dim light that exists in our lives that should be embraced while living in the society where it tends to require people to be walking clear paths with a certain thought. Hence, I wanted to state that the concept might be somewhat meaningful as it is. For this reason, instead of postulating any solutions, I focus more on designing equivocal state itself in sound, therefore, there are mere gaps between notes with muddy sound, however, as there is a consistent insecurity scattered over the song, the temperamental gesture in rhythms and intervals can be seen as well. Lastly, the overall structure of the song is inclined to approach to the way of depending on sentiment while composing.

In general, the sound is positioned at a mid-low range so it sounds atmospherically foggy. Particularly, the filtered piano sounded with a dreamy atmosphere is designed to imply a restrained state of mind to keep composure and suffocating condition by insistent anxiety.

Meanwhile, the reversed piano situated in high-register appears as relatively rapid and fluctuated progress which may show the state of being moody and uneven mind.

Then, in low-range, bass vibrates relatively regularly telling subconsciousness and sweeping bass comes in to the front for an alert.

In addition, the sound of noise means contact with outside or outer space. Under the control of circumstance, as the noise turns up drastically with a fast tempo, the other sounds react as fluctuating and overlap one another while they have less movement when the relatively soft noises like car-passing sound or rain-dropping appear.




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