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   2018  Female Identified Producers Album, 

   Urban Arts Berlin



   2019  Edge Radio 99.3FM, Tasmania


‘Desolation‘ is a 2nd version of the piece written based on the poem 'Desert' along with the piece 'Desert'. Influenced by the poem, ‘Desert’ that encapsulates the presence of lost and loneliness,

I postulated it as a motif of this music. Along the way I explored the ways to depict the emotions in different angles than what we usually look at it, I decided to use both algorithmic device and impressionistic approach for this music to not only to draw out the loneliness but also to enable the actual format of the poem to be musical elements.
Firstly, in the light of the numbers of the words of title is six – ‘D-e-s-e-r-t (6)’, I selected six words - ‘he’, ‘lonely’, ‘desert’, ‘walk’, ‘backwards’, ‘tracks’ as keywords, and these letters are placed into number system such as duo-decimal point and binary system for generating corresponding numerical values. Then, the letters converted by duodecimal system appear as a series of notes for constructing harmonic structure and the same letters converted by binary system turns out as data for rhythm.

Based on the system, it creates a series of notes, and motives. By using them, the motives are used in original forms as well as in retrograde, truncation and curtailment style.
In addition to the remnants of the words like conjunction and verb, they were delineated as impressionistic gesture based on my sensual interpretation.

The piece is constructed by linking words together. For instance, ‘he + lonely’, ‘lonely + desert’, ‘walk + desert’, ‘walk + backwards’, ‘backwards + track’ and ‘he + tracks’.
Therefore, it evokes some meaning by each stages. The music goes along the order of combination of words in their repeated and overlapped gestures throughout the pieces.

Then lastly and most importantly, it was arranged with piano tones and that were further manipulation through the DAW environment.

Composed by Elsa Jaeyoung Park 

Mixed & Mastered by Minchang Han


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